HCJPD Education Services

Under the authority of the Juvenile Board, the Educational Services Division provides educational programs for expelled students, delinquent youth placed in a county-operated juvenile institution, and students on probation who want an alternative to the traditional high school campus. The Juvenile Probation Department is solely responsible for all programs of the Excel Academy Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program, (JJAEP) Excel Academy Charter School, and the Education Transition Center (ETC.)

Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP)
Students attending JJAEP have been expelled from one of 22 local school districts for criminal activity or serious misconduct in school. The JJAEP is funded by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD), local and state school districts, and federal grants.

Excel Academy Charter School
All young people placed by the courts in detention and residential facilities are provided educational services under one, comprehensive academic program, Excel Academy Charter School, which is funded by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and state and federal grants.

The Charter School provides a regular school year program and a summer school program to enable students to continuously improve their educational skills. Excel Academy focuses on student progression in core academic curriculum, TAKS/STAAR remediation, vocational education, and life skills. The Charter School also has a campus for young people on probation who desire an alternative to traditional high school. Henry Gonzales, Executive Director of Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, also serves as the Superintendent of the Charter School.

Education Advocacy
The Education Support and Advocacy Services department advocates for improved educational services for probation-involved young people in community settings. Education Specialists and supervising attorneys provide tiered services to probation-involved young people to meet the unique needs of each young person and their family, maximize the reach of its services, build capacity for self-advocacy within the community, and that ensure zealous attorney representation is available when other efforts are insufficient.

School Board Members

  • Honorable Lina Hidalgo, Chair
    County Judge
  • Honorable Tanya Garrison,
    157th District Court - Civil
  • Honorable Danilo Lacayo,
    182nd District Court - Criminal
  • Honorable Michelle Moore
    Vice Chair/Secretary 314th District Court
  • Honorable Leah Shapiro,
    315th Juvenile Court
  • Honorable Natalia Oakes,
    313th Juvenile Court


The young people in our care receive specialized training to assist them in achieving academic success and to empower and support their parents to become primary change agents for their children. For more information about our programs please visit the programs page.

Journey Through Life
Journey Through Life (JTL) provides services to Education Transition Center (ETC) students who qualify for Medicaid and present with barriers to functioning due to their mental, psychological, or emotional health. JTL provides a variety of services at the ETC including Case Management (food, clothing, housing, medical, etc.) and Skills Training (life skills, anger management, social skills, etc.)

Houston Threads
Houston Threads provides free, new clothes to young people between the ages of 12 and 21 referred to them through their website. Through a partnership with our Education Transition Center, Houston Threads provides any ETC student access to free clothing.